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Welcome to Onward Plastics, formerly known as Onward Cluthé Hardware Products. We are a custom plastic injection moulding company located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We can assist you from your product design and tool build, through to part production and shipping logistics. Founded in 1939, we continue to grow, automate, and expand our operation. In 2021, we finalized the acquisition of Webplas Inc in Waterloo, Ontario, which added additional expertise and enhanced capabilities in plastic manufacturing to our organization. In 2024, we merged Onward Cluthe and Webplas into Onward Plastics.

Onward Plastics is a family business committed to the safety of our employees, and the quality of the products that we produce. We can handle your high volume production of large and small parts! Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on how we can help you!

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We have 44 injection moulding presses ranging in size from 39 tons to 1750 tons. We can assist you with your part design, mould sourcing, material selection, part assembly, packaging, and your high volume production requirements.



Our quality is our reputation and we strive to meet or exceed your quality requirements. Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and all of our staff complete our quality training program.

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Where our moulding all began!
We have a wide selection of heavy duty measuring containers, funnels, oilers, scoops, furniture glides, and handle grips for your industrial needs.

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We're manufacturers too. We've been in business since 1906 and understand the importance that each part has on your production line and meeting your quality expectations. We are committed to our clients and know that our production can impact your brand.

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