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We have 44 injection moulding presses ranging in size from 39 tons to 1750 tons across two production facilities, one in Kitchener, and the other in Waterloo. We can assist you with your part design, mould sourcing, material selection, part assembly, packaging, and your high volume production requirements.

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Assembly - Overmold - insert molding at
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Custom Moulding up to 1,750 Tons

We can help you with your moulding requirements big or small. We have the equipment to produce parts that weigh less than half a gram (0.01lbs) up to 7kgs (15lbs)! We continue to invest in automation adding cartesian or 6 axis robotics to our injection moulding machines to stabilize and improve our production for you.

Onward Plastics has Two manufacturing locations to serve you:

Kitchener, Ontario

Waterloo, Ontario


More than just moulding

Not all moulding is the same, and some parts require special care or additional features before you receive them.

Some processes we are familiar with are: 

  • Adhesive Bonding / Hot Stamping

  • Custom Assembly

  • Insert Moulding

  • Mechanical / Ultrasonic Insertion

  • Over-Moulding

  • Sub-Assembly

  • Ultrasonic Welding

If you don't see what you're looking for here, that doesn't mean we're not familiar, please contact us!


Design, Prototype, Tool Build, Production, Shipping Logistics

Not sure where to start, let us help you! We will work with you on your design and offer some best practice suggestions for injection molded parts. We'll help source and oversee your new tool build, whether it's produced locally in North America or overseas. When it's time for production, we've got you covered, whether it's working off of your purchase orders, or filling your Kanban, we'll produce the parts as required. Finally, if you need assistance with shipping logistics, we'll work with your existing shipping team, or we can source and assist you economical options to make sure the parts are there when you need them.

1,000 Ton Injection Moulding Press at Onward Plastics in Kitchener

This injection moulding machine is equipped with a 6 axis robot for part extraction. It helps to keep a consistent production process.

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